Design Overview
This development will include 44 units of housing in a mixture of "studio", 1, 2 and 3 bedroom townhomes and a Common House to be located within a re-developed "brownfield", industrial site, at 4000 Olive St. It has been designed with sustainable innovations + "universal" design components for accessibility throughout. Design is complete - awaiting funding , at this time.

Sustainable Features / Amenities
- Rehabbed, re-used buildings - 4 total
- Solar light tubes bring natural light into homes, Common House
- "Green roofs"- in numerous areas
- A highly-reflective roof keeps unwanted heat from the sun out of the buildings during hot summer months.
- Common garden roof on tallest building
- Glazed atrium within tallest building - brings natural light down to basement parking
- Basement parking- one per ea. unit
- Bio-swales, mediataion areas, playground, dog park, outdoor dining areas
- Building site is situated to maximize natural daylight & ventilation
- Solar P.V. systems
- Gray water reuse
- Bamboo flooring from a renewable forest
- Water saving devices on commodes
- Geo-thermal Heating & Cooling- "common" system
- Windows & Skylights strategically placed to optimize daylight and temperature control
- Energy efficient lighting & controls, like dimmer switches & occupancy sensors keep energy to a minimum
- Re-claimed bricks used throughout on buildings and sidewalks
- SCIPS (Structural Concrete Insulated Panel System) building methodology- walls and roof