There is a green movement that probably dates back to the 1960s ( or much earlier, if we really study history) of groups of like-minded people living together in the same area. One such way is the re-emerging of "Eco-Communities" throughout the world.

These communities incorporate, typically, "mixed-use" design, i.e. commercial, + residential, plus many attributes of sustainability. Examples:

  • "Off-grid" capabilities with power from sustainable resources on site - wind, solar p.v., small hydro site orientation to maximize passive solar/direct gain techniques
  • Geo-thermal heating/cooling
  • Rain water harvesting/cisterns
  • Bike paths
  • Limited access to automobiles
  • Nature trails
  • Community gardens
  • Community gathering places
  • Small commercial center "watering hole" (coffee shop)
  • Meeting rooms
  • Single family, condos, townhomes, apartments
  • Water resources (lakes, streams)
  • Visitor center